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Placebo Junkies

For Audie and her friends, “volunteering” for pharmaceutical drug trials means a

quick fix and easy cash. The side effects can get nasty, but Audie’s got things

under control.  But the best fix of all is her boyfriend Dylan, and the fact that he has a terminal illness just makes them even more compatible. He’s turning 18 soon, so Audie is saving up to make it an unforgettable birthday. That means more

drug trials than ever before, but Dylan is worth it.


No pain, no gain, she repeats, as her grip on reality starts to slide...

The Tyrant's Daughter

When her father is killed in a coup, Laila and her mother and brother leave their war-torn homeland for a fresh start in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.
At her new high school, Laila makes mistakes, makes friends, and even meets a boy who catches her eye. But this new life brings unsettling facts to light. The American newspapers call her father a brutal dictator and suggest that her family’s privilege came at the expense of innocent lives. Meanwhile, her mother would like nothing more than to avenge his death, and she’ll go to great lengths to regain their position of power.
As an international crisis takes shape around her, Laila is pulled in one direction, then another, but there’s no time to sort out her feelings. She has to pick a side now, and her decision will affect not just her own life, but countless others.


Work Like A Spy


When J. C. Carleson left the corporate world to join the CIA, she expected an adventure, and she found it. Her assignments included work in Iraq as part of a weapons of mass destruction search team, travels throughout Afghanistan, and clandestine encounters with foreign agents around the globe. What she didn’t expect was that the skills she acquired from the CIA would be directly applicable to the private sector.


Using real examples from her experiences, Carleson explains how working like a spy can teach you the principles of:

  • Targeting—figuring out who you need to know and how to get to them

  • Elicitation—a subtle way to get the answers you need without even asking a question

  • Counterintelligence—how to determine if your organization is unwittingly leaking information

  • Screening—CIA recruiters’ methods for finding and hiring the right people


As Carleson writes, “In a world where infor­mation has a price, it pays to be vigilant.” Her book will show you how.

Cloaks and Veils

For disgraced CIA officer Dara McIntyre, a new assignment to monitor a troubled junior agent is yet another blow to her once high-flying career. Punished for her affair with a Jordanian spy, Dara is stuck in a dreary desk job at Langley headquarters when orders come down for her to assess whether recently widowed officer Caitlin Wolff is still fit to serve in the field.

Dara soon discovers that the grieving widow has dark secrets; Caitlin and her late husband, Jonathan, were running a lurid shadow operation. Convinced that the couple’s unsanctioned acts led to Jonathan’s murder, Dara investigates their final operation. Her mission to track the terrorists responsible for the murder and salvage her career takes Dara to the hedonistic playground of Dubai and the chaotic streets of Barcelona. But when the investigation takes a jarring turn, she can no longer be sure who—if anyone—she can trust.


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