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Frequently Asked Questions




I'm interested in working for the CIA. Can you help me?

I receive a great number of emails from individuals interested in working for the CIA. Although I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm, I cannot provide any guidance, mentorship, or additional information. Because I am contractually obligated not to disclose any details of my work history without going through an official review and approval process, I make it a policy not to reply to these types of emails.



Where can I find more information about working for the CIA?

The best source of information is the CIA's website: (No, you're not the only one a bit leery of visiting their website. But it's a great resource with tons of information for interested individuals of all ages.)

There are also quite a few memoirs written by former CIA officers from a wide variety of seniority levels, experiences, and satisfaction levels. Check out your favorite bookstore for the latest and greatest.



What should I major in if I want to work for the CIA's clandestine service when I graduate?

Really, anything that will give you exposure to, appreciation for, and the ability to communicate in the world at large. Personally, I majored in psychology and traveled a great deal before applying to the CIA.



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